Fr. Nolan Cancelled, Again!

I went to YouTube to see the latest homily from one of my favorite anti scam-demic truth-telling priests, Fr. Dan Nolan, FSSP.

The parish, Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Littleton Colorado, has removed all content from their YouTube channel, and a message (also posted on the parish website from Fr. William Lawrence, FSSP (Provincial Superior) states, in part,

"During the limitations imposed during COVID, apostolates were allowed and encouraged to make the web transmission of Masses more widely available so that parishioners would have easier access. Since these restrictions have been largely lifted, the transmission of Masses, sermons and classes are once again to be limited to parishioners. Thank you for your understanding."

That's not exactly true, because during the heart of the scam-demic fear mongering, Fr. Nolan was punished and prevented from having his homilies appear on YouTube for 6 months, after he "dared" to speak against the mask and vax.

[See LifeSiteNews: Priest banned from posting videos after Catholic News Agency report on his anti-mask comment.]

In September 2020 after the mask controversy, Fr. Nolan in an obscure YouTube comment had confirmed that it was the FSSP, not his bishop or pastor, who had stopped his live-streams:

"Hello everyone! Just to be clear, it was not the Archdiocese of Denver, but the FSSP which suspended my 'internet' privileges. The beauty of our Faith is that orders from superiors, as long as they are not sinful, can be occasions for grace and merit. Do not fear, only believe! Pax Christi"

This was beyond ironic because the very same week that they muzzled Fr. Nolan, the FSSP issued a missive railing against the so-called 'cancel culture.'

After his YouTube 'time-out' in 2020, they finally let him back on, but he recently gave another series of homilies that went super-viral. I believe his sermons are so popular because Catholics have a craving for the truth spoken boldly without fear. [Such as these:

LifeSiteNews: FSSP priest advises laity to avoid COVID shots, warns ‘one world government’ is in the works Fr. Nolan's History Lesson

Even on their YouTube channel, my comment from yesterday was deleted. Here's what I wrote:

"It looks like Fr. Nolan spoke too boldly against the satanic clot shot & face diaper, and the coward 'leadership' once again (this is NOT the 1st time) have retreated like weak effeminate men, as opposed to true shepherds. At least we can go (and give our money) to those who aren't afraid of truth, such as Fr. Altman, Fr. Robert Altier, Fr. Isaac Relyea, Fr. Steven Imbarrato, Fr. Dave Nix, & Fr. Christopher Sharah. Also check for homilies & sensus fidelium YouTube channel. As a longtime donor & FSSP supporter, It's sad & bizarre that their 'leadership' sees fit to scrap and hide all holy homilies, while all the satanic garbage on the internet pervades society. Unreal & disgraceful. 🙄😒🏻

The FSSP HQ is in PA and you may contact them here with questions or comments.


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