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Still with the mask...

Image So since Fr. Altman and I spoke about masks I told him that's specificaly why I first loved his homilies, because he's one of the very few priests worldwide to have the grace, intelligence and guts to point that the masks and the agenda behind it are literally satanic.) So with much of the mask mandates being lifted, even in looney-left Los Angeles, I was surprised today to see the following, when I stopped at a gas station/ casino in Arizona. At the door they had a giant sign that stated "masks still required, for everyone's safety." 🙄🤭 I ignored the sign & walked in to use the restroom. Two women at a table wearing masks started loudly saying "SIR, SIR, SIR!!" I kept walking and told them that I need to use the restroom and I'll be right back. I afterwards returned to their table and asked, "hi, I'm sorry, did you want to talk to me?" One of them said, &

Fr. Jim's Message To The World

Image No "Tip-toeing" here: Fr. Altman makes it CLEAR: "NO MASK, NO VAX, EVER!" 👊🏻🤜🏻👏🏻👍🏻💪🏽🏼‍😇 Father James Altman of La Crosse, Wisconsin has been an outspoken critic of the lockdowns, mask mandates and experimental injections. We visited him on July 6 to discuss these important topics. On Thursday, his bishop removed his faculties. I told Fr. Altman, one thing that bothers me is when these "so-called" conservative outlets & YouTubers/bloggers, 🙄 purportedly supporters of him, interview Fr. Altman, and yet they forbid him from discussing certain topics, such as MASK or VAX, because they're "afraid" 😒😰🙄 of getting deplatformed or banned. COWARDS! This is B.S.! Because the very reason Fr. Altman is famous is that he doesn't tip toe around and cow tow to the control freak thought police, so why be poked and prodded to "be afraid" and "avoid certain topics," namely the issues of our day: t