Lawyers Offer To Represent Those Arrested Or Cited For Not Wearing Face Mask

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An increasing number of principled lawyers have offered to represent for free those who are arrested or fined for not wearing a face mask.

Attorney Mike Yoder of the Washington D.C. / Virginia area tweeted "We are all doing this free of charge to those willing to fight to preserve our Constitution against unconstitutional orders. Constitutional rights > fear. End of story."

Yoder was joined by attorney Briscoe Cain of Houston and many more lawyers from across the country. The network of lawyers seem to be joined in ideology, to defend the rights of the people against these outrageous dictates. Great job!

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Rep. Anthony Sabatini @AnthonySabatini State Representative, District #32 Florida | Captain, Florida Army National Guard | UF: BA ‘12 JD ‘17.

Indianapolis Indiana:


  1. I would love to connect with You regarding our mutual mission to educate the public on these illegal mandates. Could you please email me your contact info and a time when you would be willing to chat?

  2. What can be done in Georgia? Specifically, to fight the University System of Georgia's mask requirement??

  3. In TX. My wife and I while at our business had a sheriff come and tell us someone had complained about us not wearing a mask. He asked for our names and dob. He said a "task force" was going to come and speak to us and could deliver a $1000 fine and close our business. He said he has been instructed to "only educate"

    Thoughts please?

  4. Will you represent someone to fight their local mayor and health board for making masks mandatory? They just did that to us in Huntsville, AL. It’s a form of governmental tyranny

    1. It also reduces your air intake and you breath your own CO2. ANYONE with breathing problems can not wear these without becoming light headed from wearing a mask. I took mine off in my doctors waiting room you would have thought I walked in with an AK47 by the way people reacted. I was gasping for air and taken to the back where I did not have to wear a mask. My ear loop Nexcare mask bought 3 or 4 years ago states clearly on the back. "WARNING : This mask is not a respirator. Wearing it will NOT protect you from contracting a contagious disease, such as colds or flu." If the manufacture of the mask say the do not work then they do not work end of argument.

    2. LA County has now mandated masks - EVEN OUTSIDE!!!! They say 6' OR a face covering, yet these fools are saying both AND the face covering is to be a mask - and many aren't accepting a shield as sufficient. I thought HEAT kills viruses!!!

  5. Praise God for those of you who are doing the right thing in standing up to tyranny!

  6. Are there any attorneys in Washington State??

  7. Any lawyers in Northern California willing to stand up to tyranny ?

  8. cant buy or sell in oklahoma now,
    without a mask

  9. In Kentucky, governor Beshear has been taken to court by Attorney General Cameron for his mask mandate , one judge temporarily suspended the mandate, but another has ruled it can stand until the higher three panel judges rule but while it plays out The people’s rights are trampled. Who in Kentucky can represent we the people?

  10. Represent and Defend Amazon Employees.

    We as angels have come to send a warning.

    You must gather your resources and fight against the near genocide.

    We are are being,
    We will arrive in fall,
    We are divided as four,
    United as core.

    We are one,
    Inside truth shall come.

    How much is “wonderland in ashes” in Gematria ?

  11. Any attorneys in Arizona? I have a doctors note and I still cannot go shopping or leave my house without being harassed. I even lost my job because my doctor said masks are too dangerous for my health.

  12. I was thrown out of a Walmart story in St. Joseph, Mo. and nearly arrested on July 16th. I'm a 67 year old disabled veteran with advanced COPD, Depression and Anxiety, among several other medical problems. After being pulled out of the door by a police officer and a security guard, I had an anxiety attack and couldn't breath at which time I was threatened with jail if I didn't leave. If you would like the details, let me know. I'd like some satisfaction or at least a public apology so I can get some sleep at night. Thanks for your time.

  13. I live in Minnesota. Our governor is ordering state wide mask mandate tomorrow. I have multiple health issues and am disabled. I am not supposed to wear a mask according to the cdc, but cannot buy food without one. Please help, I am afraid the mask may make me sick. I am not sure what I can do

  14. LET ME CONTRIBUTE SOME PRICELESS INFO: I'm SHOWING how to actually make police just stop enforcing harmless "offenses" which THEY told me more than once is "over 90% of what we do"! I've won in court a bunch, made local police stop enforcing a few things, and a long list of other supposedly "impossible" accomplishments, and I'm GIVING all this away for FREE, here...

    And here are my websites: and

    Go there to WATCH ME DEMONSTRATE how I have made local police stop enforcing things like the bike light statute and arresting beggars on highway exits for 'trespass on ADOT Property', and get these 'LawDocs' I use to SHOW Cops and Courts these 'fundamental principles' of "the supreme Law of the Land" and how I CAN and WILL prosecute THEM for Federal Crimes and Civil offenses, for "deprivation of rights under color of law" and even "neglect to prevent" it!

    Here is the first time I made a cop stop enforcing something (bike light statute, Tempe Az, not enforced it in 4+ years now! And arresting beggars on highway exits for 6-7 years so far!), and the more recent talk I had with an internal affairs officer explaining all this to him...

    And I am for hire too, to get cases dismissed, write up civil suits and criminal complaints, etc, for "deprivation of rights under color of law" ($25/hr).

  15. What about being sent home from work because you cant wear a mask, 1st told doctor statement didnt matter, than they changed said bring doctor statement and I can work, what about my lost pay, and rights, my reason health wise is there business.


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