Latin Mass Priest on COVID: "Our republic has become a phobiocracy - ruled by fear. No virus is worse than an out-of-control government!"

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Go to for our main index page, which contains a concise list of medical studies, testimony from medical experts, etc.

Below is the best homily I've heard on this COVID nonsense. Just outstanding.

Latin Mass Priest on COVID: "Our republic has become a phobiocracy - ruled by fear. No virus is worse than an out-of-control government!"


"Our republic has become a phobiocracy - ruled by fear. Don't believe the media. Far worse than losing the life of an individual in society is losing the life of society itself. I don't believe the state has our best interests in mind.

If we do whatever the government tells us, the life of this nation is at risk- The life of democracy. the life of Freedom. They will take it! No virus is worse than an out-of-control government.

We used to be a republic, trying to be turned into a phobiocraccy - rule by fear. And the one thing that should disturb us most is that the government is trying to take the place of God. Tell us when you could worship? Who do they think they are? I'll tell you. They think they're Satan!

This country will become a living hell."

Watch the homily by Father Daniel Nolan, FSSP here:

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  1. I did a little video editing. Below is what came out of it :

    1. Wow, thanks! That's a great compilation. I'll post it. All 4 priests (Fr. Dave Nix is great also) post new vids regularly. πŸ˜‡πŸ™

    2. Thank you
      Check out the previous uploads as well.

  2. This is a good site. I think the government is using this issue to divide the people, like they do with abortion and gay marriage.

    BTW, here are some sites you should check out:

    Deb Della Piana (Become Ungovernable & Obstruct the Vote):

    Storm is Here:

    New Democracy World:

    This is the direction the country should be going in.

    1. Also, here is a post from New Democracy World. John is a good guy on the side of freedom, but he thinks this virus is pretty bad, and that masks are necessary:

      New Democracy World: CORONONSENSE

    2. Masks are a satanic pagan ritual, forced on the population by the satanic ruling class to hijack the souls. Also they want people to wear a mask to display their willingness to obey and comply. "WEAR A MASK, SMOTHER YOURSELF FOR YOUR MASTERS".

      The face has an inherent sanctity : it is where the signature of God The Creator, is the most evident.

      To hide it with a filthy mask, it is to denigrate God's Creation.

      Anybody advocating the mask, is advocating for paganism and satanism, knowingly or not.

    3. Amen, Amin, πŸ˜‡ very well said! I agree 1000% This masking nonsense is completely & utterly satanic , it's as clear as day.


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