Anti-Mask Priest Fr. Dan Nolan, FSSP Conducts Funeral of Slain Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley

Fr. Daniel Nolan, FSSP, conducted the public funeral ceremony for slain Boulder Colorado police officer Eric Talley on March 30, 2020.

Fr. Nolan begins with a prayer, The Hail Mary, in Latin. He then points out that "this is not the service that officer Talley would have wanted. Unless he first had had the solemn Requiem Mass that he did want; which was offered yesterday, at the Cathedral Basilica in downtown Denver. It was my privilege to offer that Mass, in the presence of the Archbishop, Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila.

"But his faith was first and foremost, primary. He was an officer, he was a husband, he was a father. But at his core, he was a Catholic. He believed it to the core of his being. And as I would like to point out, it was his beliefs, his deeply held beliefs, that enabled him to do what he did. To give his life for another, to lay down his life for a friend. Even though those friends were ones he'd never met, ones he didn't know."

Officer Talley and his wife had seven children. On March 22, Eric Talley was killed at King Soopers market by a mass shooter. On March 30 the public procession & funeral were held.

Fr. Nolan begins at hour 2:26 with prayers and address, then he introduces the Boulder police chief, and then the Colorado governor.

You can go directly to this portion of the video here:

Readers may recall that last year, Father Nolan ignited an alleged controversy merely by declaring that he will not wear a mask, that it goes against reason, health and the common good, and that he is not getting the covid vaccine.

Note that my wife and I have been attending his Latin Mass parish for years whevever we are in Denver, (no masks at all!) A few months after the mask fiasco I had a chance to talk with Fr. Nolan and sincerely thank him for his positions, telling the truth about masks and vax. I let him know that his leadership means a lot and that he is a true man of God.




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