Trump decries "Reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric, anti-vaccine conspiracy theories"

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President Trump at a rally in Winston-Salem, NC on 9/8/2020 decried what he described as "reckless anti-vaccine rhetoric" and anti-vaccine conspiracy theories."


"Biden and Kamala Harris are undermining science and risking countless lives with their reckless anti vaccine rhetoric -that's what they're talking about. So now they know we have it. And it's only a small amount of time. So instead of saying 'that's a great thing we're gonna save lives,' they're trying to disparage it. And they're trying to make it politics. And they're trying to do so. And now what's gonna happen is we'll have it, and people won't want to take it. And that's really bad. Okay? That's really bad. But the Biden-Harris effort to spread anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, only because they know we're close to putting it out and getting it out there, we're gonna get it out fast. The vaccine will be safe, these are the greatest companies in the world that do this - the greatest labs, the greatest doctors. It'll be effective, and it'll be delivered before the end of the year; and maybe as I said much sooner than that."

Watch the video here. We've also posted some previous comments that Trump has made on the covid-19 vaccine, below.

Here is the same video on YouTube:

Notice how Trump tries to characterize anti-vaccine sentiment as "left-wing," when the exact opposite is true. It's generally independents & right-wingers who are vocally opposing Gates poison covid scamdemic vaccines & face masks. Whoever Trump's advisors are who are feeding him these talking points are very stupid. Not to mention that Trump has made at least 100 anti-vaccine tweets & comments in the last 10 years, including this famous one:

Trump: "Not everybody's gonna want to get" the COVID-19 Vaccine (VIDEO) 5/19/20

Reporter: "Do you mean a fully approved vaccine for everyone, the full public, or a partially approved vaccine with emergency use?"

Trump responds "No, we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it! Not everybody's gonna want to get it. But we're looking at a full vaccine." He then immediately looks to his right and asks someone "Is that a correct statement?"

A man who is offscreen replies "yeah we'll..." Trump steps aside and directs the unnamed man to the podium, and he sternly replies "so the answer is, the answer is yes, we're working for a fully approved vaccine, but we'll also use the tools we have, for instance emergency use authorization , umm, as as appropriate, we use all of our regulatory tools to bring vaccine available for the entire American population by January."

Question: Who is that guy, and why did he contradict what President Trump had just said?

Then the unnamed asswipe immediately steps away from the podium and exits stage right, while the reporter is in mid-sentence.

Trump: "when we have the vaccine, we have the military all lined up"

Remarks by President Trump in a Roundtable on Donating Plasma
Issued on: July 30, 2020

Q One issue that has come up is, once you do have a vaccine, how do you properly distribute it? How do you get it out quickly to (inaudible)?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, when we have the vaccine, we have the military all lined up, and the military is going to be doing it in a very powerful manner. These are people that don’t usually do vaccines. They do soldiers and they do lots of other things that, frankly, are more difficult. But we have our general, and logistically, he’s all set. Tony, do you want to say something about that?

Dr. FAUCI: That is correct. As the vaccine rolls out, we’ll be getting them distributed. And as you probably have heard, we are going to make sure that we do it in an equitable way and it’s representative of the populations who need it the most. And we have the standard way that we determine that, with the ACIP working with the CDC.

New England Journal of Medicine Suggests "employment suspension" for COVID vaccine noncompliance July 03, 2020
Young Doctor Explains Why He's Against Forced Covid-19 Vaccine

His name is Dr. Leland Stillman, MD.

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea: Trump promoting 'Vaccine Straight From hell.' Biden’s 'A Devil,' 'Demonic Bill Gates

The whole thing is great but if you want to skip ahead to the political/covid stuff, go to minute 7:30.

The website he recommends to learn about vaccines is

Fauci: "You Cannot Force Someone To Take A Vaccine" (Video)

Dr. Peter Hotez Tells Congress That Children Died In Coronavirus Vaccine Trials (Video)

Dr. Peter Hotez Addressing House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Hearing on Coronavirus, March 5, 2020

Excerpt: "When I say scientific challenge, one of the things we are not hearing a lot about is potential safety problems of coronavirus vaccines. This was first found in the 1960s with respiratory interstitial virus vaccines done in Washington with the NIH and Children's National Medical Center. Some of those kids who got the vaccine did worse and I believe there were two deaths. What happens with certain types of respiratory virus vaccine, to get immunized and when you are exposed to the virus you get this paradoxical enhancement phenomenon. We don't entirely understand the basis of it, that we recognize there's a real problem with certain respiratory virus vaccines. That killed the program for decades and now the Gates foundation is taking it up again, but then we start developing coronavirus vaccines. We noticed laboratory animals that they started to show some of the same pathology that resembled what it happened years earlier. This is going to be problematic."

Robert F. Kennedy Educates Alan Dershowitz On Vaccines, Masks (Must see, from 7/24/20.)


  1. The ONLY good thing the useless anti-freedom democrats are doing is questioning the safety of these dangerous vaccines. Sadly, this will get even more folks on the "right" rushing to get them like the sheep they are. What the hell ever happened to independent thought in this country (yeah, I know...12 years of government monopoly "education" but still - this is your life we are talking about). Pathetically, the democrats are ONLY AGAINST the vaccines because Trump is for them. We are truly a screwed up nation that should be dissolved into at least 500 independent nationstates with NO federal government. Such a move might be all that keeps the bloody civil war from happening.

  2. They will not "force" anyone to take the vaccine, but if you want to work, enter a store, travel anywhere or even go to church you will have to prove you're vaccinated. Basically it's Mark of the Beast time. You can starve or take the vaccine. It's your choice. No force. How can you rebel against that?

    1. I 100% agree, but the fact is the vaccine is never coming. Not even a 1% chance. And good news for Trump. Because that vaccine would be genocide and it would be on Trump's hands. They WANT this to happen, no doubt. A few million people dying to help their political chances is fine with the Dems. But the vaccine is basically impossible and deadly if not done right. There ARE people with consciences working in medicine (just not at CDC). It won't happen. Ever. What will be interesting is to see what new schemes they cook up to deal with that reality once it becomes clear to them. I'm guessing if he wins the election Trump will flip the script and be full on anti vaccine again.

    2. That's what I fear, that Trump gives lip service to vaccines not being forced on anyone, but will he make sure employers can't force their employees to get vaccinated? I highly doubt it. Just like in my state AZ, Gov Ducey had the luxury of saying he wouldn't impose mask mandates because he knew all the liberal mayors would do it for him. Going to go over my ballot materials carefully to make sure I don't vote for any candidate who was in favor of forced masking, "forced" being the operative word.

  3. Time to take off the masks. This is a lying Masonic society. Trump's evil 666 Trump tower needs a full public airing. It was built by him and can be easily explored by youtube. He is one lying evil SOB.

  4. Like Trump all you want but don't let him flip flop you like this. Leftist states are the ones killing vaccine exemptions. Conservatives are the ones asking the right questions. Clearly Trump listened to Fauci too long. Now he's stick in the false equivalence where the success of his 'COVID response' is directly tied to the success of the vacvine. It was an amateur move and he's too stubborn to back out of it now. So now he's stuck in this Catch 22 that is alienating his base and contradicting past statements. This is a bad time for Trump to unravel this way but I fear it's happening.

    Remember "WikiLeaks, please release Hillary's emails". Remember how much he was aided in his first election bid by WikiLeaks dropping the Podesta emails and Vault 7. Well last week a whistleblower confessed that Julian Assanges illegal extradition from the Equadorian Embassy was 'on direct orders from the President'. Well FUCK YOU Trump. As long is Julian Assange is in custody I will not vote. Even if it's ever again. I only vote in American elections for American Presidents. And a President who illegally jails a journalist for telling the truth, especially Assange whose only done good for Trump, is no President of mine or my country. Im sickened by the thought of a Biden Presidency. But sadly I'm clueless about the prospects of another Trump presidency. Because as soon he needs to change the narrative to help his approval ratings, all principle and integrity go out the door and you don't know who the guy is any more. If Trump is pro vaccine and Biden is anti vaccine (and I actually believed either of those things) I'd definitely vote for Biden. But i wont really. Because it was the Obama Biden Administration that put Assange on the run for doing nothing but exposing them for the war criminals they are. So no to Joe too. Let's try again in 4 more years. Good luck Trump, you're gonna need it. Running against Biden AND the 4 years ago version of yourself that everyone liked better is going to make things unnecessarily hard. At this point I don't care who wins because America loses either way.

  5. Glad to see you are not above criticizing Trump. Probably voting for him, but have to say I've had disappointments over the last few months when I see him touting masks and when I sense he's not really true blue on individual freedom as much as I thought. But would just stay home rather than vote for a socialist (Biden).


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