Fr. Isaac: Trump promoting 'Vaccine Straight From hell.' Biden’s 'A Devil,' 'Demonic Bill Gates,'

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Go to for our main index page, which contains a concise list of medical studies, testimony from medical experts, etc.

Catholic priest Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea ( on the covid 'total scam,' corrupt politicians on both sides, the pope promoting vaccines & marxism, our need to pray and make reparations, and more.

The whole thing is great but if you want to skip ahead to the political/covid stuff, go to minute 7:30.

The website he recommends to learn about vaccines is

You can see more from Fr. Isaac here and here: Holy Rosary, Mass, & Devotions Aren't "Safe" According to Youtube, Deletes Fr. Isaac. Fr Isaac's classic audio mission on 'The Four Last Things' (death, judgment, heaven and hell) is at "By focusing on our ultimate end, these meditations aid in purifying the soul and helping one to break free from attachments to the world."

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  1. I told the Doomsday Debunked Facebook group about your site. The moderator thinks that you are misrepresenting what the WHO says about masks. The moderator is a good guy, and he helps people out that are scared of things like asteroids, but he seems to have too much faith in vaccines.

    Keep up the good fight. I went to one store a few times this week, and there were others not wearing masks. We need to set the example.

    1. Thanks. Regarding your friend, how could I misrepresent WHO when I simply paste what WHO says, with links? On the main page I tried to refrain from giving any opinions & simply compiled the statements & studies of respected doctors & medical groups. Masks are obviously a dangerous scam, but to each their own. 🙄🙏


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