Holy Rosary, Mass, & Devotions Aren't "Safe" According to Youtube, Deletes Fr. Isaac

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Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea (SoldiersOfTheImmaculate.org) says "we are in full blown communism, we are in a police state. These people are Satanists. It's basically Satanism, we're fighting the devil himself." His YouTube channel is here. Fr. Isaac's classic must-hear mission on 'The Last Four Things' (Death, Judgment, Heaven & Hell) from 2007 can be downloaded for free at AudioSancto.org. The facebook group 'Friends of Father Isaac Mary Relyea' is here.

Here is his latest video posted today in which he discusses YouTube's deletion of his recent videos.

Here's his video "Devotion To The Martyrs" that was banned by YouTube last week. He begins his talk with a great ~15 minute rant against face masks.

Latin Mass Priest Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea: You're NUTS If You Get The COVID-19 VACCINE!

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea talks about Covid19, and he reads from the book 'Calamities, Chastisement, and the Love of God,' by St. Alphonsus Liguori.

At minute 33, Fr. Isaac says "and people all they're waiting for is this vaccination- If you let them vaccinate you, you're on drugs! Because they're putting all kinds of evil things, there's aborted fetuses in some vaccinations, there's mercury & other toxins in vaccinations, the one world government is behind a lot of what's going on now, and they want to eliminate the human race. They want population control. Bill Gates, Soros, these evil men..."

Fr. Isaac: We do not have to walk in fear
At minute 25 in the video below, Fr. Isaac says "the vaccination will probably be the mark of the beast , don't ever get that vaccination. It's from hell. and you can't trust these people they want to kill us , that's what they're doing right now. And that vaccination they're gonna have a way to identify... Bill Gates put over a hundred million into this vaccination ... Don't fall for this nonsense!"

Here are three more very good videos from Fr. Isaac.

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea- Coronavirus Q & A

Fr. Isaac Relyea: COVID-19 & The Deep State Connection to the Fatima message

Fr. Isaac on Coronavirus: Remedies for the Chastisements

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