Congressman Paul Gosar: Fluoride In Drinking Water Shown To Reduce IQ

Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona (a dentist) was one of only 3 congressmen (all republicans) who voted against the frenzied war fever posing as "support for Ukraine". Here he points out that fluoride in drinking water can cause reduced IQ, as proven in 74 published studies.

Regarding Ukraine, Rep. Gosar tweeted "I will not send constituents to die in another unconstitutional war with no U.S. national security interest... Congress takes an exclusive oath to defend the Constitution of the U.S., not Ukraine, NATO, globalist initiatives, or anything else AZ, USA is the frontline of democracy. Congress must prioritize the the strong national defense of our republic & exercise Constitutional restraint... We should just call ourselves Ukraine and then maybe we can get NATO to engage and protect our border..."

His Facebook is here

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