Couple Who Filmed Trampled Lady In Ottowa Give Update

Jeremiah Jost and his wife Christina were live-streaming on Friday February 18, 2022 in Ottawa, he was filming as Candy Sero was pleading with police for "Peace, Love and Happiness!" That is when the cops with horses came and nearly trampled her to death. Their horror of capturing that scene and admonishing police will live in infamy. Here the couple gave an update on 2/21/22.

Candy Sero (trampled lady's) twitter is here:

Facebook link here.

And here's a short message from Candy Sero herself:

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  1. Hard to imagine this happening to one named 'Soro'. Gabrial sends another message of where to point the finger of blame. Not this lady but her last name is fatefully ironic. May a speedy and full recovery come to her after being trampled both physically and metaphorically. Our prayers are with her as well as all those being suppressed in Canada and all around the world...

    1. I'm sorry but that darn spellchecker changed it by mistake Her last hand is actually SERO, as is on her Twitter.

    2. I wrote her last NAME is Sero. I hate this auto- spellchecker ! πŸ™„

  2. What has happened to the man who was also trampled by RCMP? I heard he died but I can't get any confirmation. I hope he is alive.


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