Patriot Broadcaster Stadtmiller spoke of his impending death

On the Thursday October 21st episode of his last-ever broadcast, two weeks and one day before his death on November 5, 2021, John Stadtmiller, owner of Republic Broadcasting Network, literally forecast his impending death.

"So we're on the John Stadtmiller death watch?" he said, as he described a rash which appeared like "cheese bubbling up" on his arm; a rash that he said had persisted for at least a month. He added that he should go to the doctor but didn't have a lot of money, what could cost thousands of dollars in tests, excetera. He said that he could go to the VA but all they want to do is shoot him up with a vaccine.

At minute 26 while discussing the January 6 DC event, which he actually attended, Stadtmiller relayed his "pure sense of anger and frustration" at the many injustices, including lack of legal counsel and phone calls for the 500 people being detained in prison for their alleged involvement in the Jan 6 fiasco. Stadtmiller told his friend & co-host Roger Landry "we are at a point in this country that people had better push back on all fronts."

At minute 33 after the half-hour break as the bumper music played 'Big John,' Stadtmiller said "thanks for playing that on the heels of me making this announcement, I'm gonna finish out this hour with Roger Landry, and Steve Elkins is going to take over for me in the second hour; and I don't think I've ever done this in 33 years. I am sitting here and I am just bubbling up, like I said, like cheese on a pizza in a damn oven. This is- this is insane. At any rate..." (sigh)

Roger then explains "I don't know, you're in a different mood tonight. You really are, and I can tell that. Because you had more to say on this show than any show I've ever done with you. I'm not complaining, because when you talk John, you have things to say! I'm really making a point- I can tell there is something different tonight."

"You think?" John asks.

"No. I don't think, I know." Landry replies.

Listen here:

Stadmiller also referred to 'President Brandon' and said "We have to keep this 'Let's Go Brandon' meme going."

"We are being besieged in this country" by illegal aliens, he said.

Regarding the covid jab, he said "We are talking about strong-armed coercion, take the vax, poison yourself, or else."

At minute 56 John says "I'm watching my forearm turn into one giant bubble. This is so much fun. I - I just love witnessing things that I have no idea what the hell is going on. Aah boy. At any rate. Yeah..."

Note: I met John Stadtmiller in January 2010. My wife and I were going out to dinner with our friend Christine and her husband Bill in Austin. They were friends with John Stadtmiller and his wife Sandra, so they invited them along. John posted many of my articles on his RBN website over the years. I actually just began listening to his radio show in 2021; he provided great and often amusing coverage of the scam-demic.

John Stadtmiller was a good guy, who loved this country, our freedom and the American people. He tried his best to share the truth which benefitted many people. May his soul and all the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen. 😇🙏🏻

You can listen to the Stadtmiller radio archives along with tributes to him here:

H/T to, who previously reported on this story:

"John then was away after suddenly becoming sick, until his October 21st show. He was so ill he could only complete the first hour. And during that time he detailed how just before becoming ill some odd activity was taking place in the skies over his home. He spoke of profound weakness and sudden odd skin issues. Also during the show, he details what really happened at the US Capitol on January 6th, he was there."

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  1. He was murdered by a bunch of damn cowards. BTW - the Federal Bureau of Instigation has enough aircraft at its disposal to be considered an airline in its own right. This fits them to a "T".

  2. John Stadtmiller is not dead; he's hiding out in Michael Herzog's trailer in Arizona, afraid of getting arrested.

    1. Don't believe me? Search the Social Security Death Index:


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