New Travel Restrictions for Unvaxxed U.S. Citizens

Following my comments, below are excerpts & link to the official Brandon Administration edicts regarding international travel, published on 10/25/21.

As of today, international air travelers into the U.S. (including citizens) were required by the airlines (at the behest of government) to show a negative covid test result within the past 3 days.

To avoid these testing requirements, we have been doing a workaround that is a little more expensive and inconvenient, but was worth it.

Since I refuse to ever be vaxxed or tested, our very successful work-around for international travel has been that instead of flying into the USA, we fly to the Cross Border Express pedestrian bridge in Tijuana, Mexico (it is only accessible to those arriving on an airplane flight). Since this is considered pedestrian travel, there are no vax or test requirements. We also drive and or walk across to Tijuana from San Ysidro regularly, and neither auto or pedestrian traffic into the USA or Mexico require a vax or test, as of today.

To give you a real example, recently I had to fly from Mexico to New York City. But instead of flying direct, specifically to avoid the PCR test, (where I'd be required by the U.S. TSA to show a negative PCR test) I instead arranged to fly into Tijuana, walked across the CBX bridge into San Ysidro and then took a shuttle to San Diego Airport, then flew to NY. To me it is worth it to spend more, to avoid this literal satanic garbage.

But now, unfortunately, the rat feds have put a kibosh on our previously brilliant workaround, starting November 8.

Unfortunately I saw it coming because the complicit, statist neocons & RINO's had been screaming that "all foreign visitors, legal & illegal, need to be tested and vaxxed too!" To "protect us" from the scam-demic, of course. 🙄

It should be noted that not only are these PCR tests fraudulent and not a diagnostic tool, even according the the inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis himself, but these tests have actually been known to cause damage to the 'cribiform plate' and have punctured the 'blood brain barrier.'

A good doctor I've respected for over a decade, Dr. Lorraine Day MD, in this 3-minute video claims that the PCR "test" vaccinates you! 😨😒💉 This is worth a watch:

Of note, lest the establishment tries to discredit Dr. Day as a crackpot, she has a very prestigious and accomplished background, was interviewed & praised on The Oprah Winfrey show in the 80's for her AIDS work, ran a hospital in San Francisco, and was married to longtime conservative U.S. Congressman William Dannemeyer, from Long Beach CA.

Here are excerpts from dementia-Joe's press release on international travel:

"To further strengthen protections, unvaccinated travelers – whether U.S. Citizens, lawful permanent residents (LPRs), or the small number of excepted unvaccinated foreign nationals – will now need to test within one day of departure.

... Both nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs), such as a PCR test, and antigen tests qualify

As announced in September, the new system tightens those requirements, so that unvaccinated U.S. Citizens and LPRs will need to provide a negative test taken within one day of traveling.

The additional detail released today provides airlines and international air travelers with time to prepare for this new policy ahead of the November 8 implementation date... As previously announced, fully vaccinated foreign nationals will also be able to travel across the Northern and Southwest land borders for non-essential reasons, such as tourism, starting on November 8. Additional detail on amendments to restrictions with respect to land borders will be available in the coming days.

For those Americans who can show they are fully vaccinated, the same requirement currently in place will apply – they have to produce a negative test result within three days of travel.* *For anyone traveling to the United States who cannot demonstrate proof of full vaccination, they will have to produce documentation of a negative test within one day of departure.

Note: The lying media is now claiming that supposedly in the coming months, the US government will require foreigners & Americans to be vaxxed to enter the USA via airline & pedestrian & auto traffic. No mention of that yet in the white house press release. Excerpt:

"Entry rules along the border will change again in early January, with all travelers – including those traveling for essential purposes – required to show proof of full vaccination.

"Foreign travelers will be able to show vaccination status in either a paper or digital format, and U.S. Customers and Border Protection will spot-check travelers’ vaccination documents."

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