"F--- Joe Biden" on White House Website


President Brandon mentioned the "F--- so and so" signs on his own accord on September 11, 2021 while rambling to reporters in Pennsylvania. He disappointedly lamented "that's not who we are."

In case you missed it, the original full video is below and the transcript of his remarks is actually memorialized on the official White House website.

The reporter asked Biden "How do you get back to that state of unity?" while he was visiting Firefighters in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and dementia-joe responded "...And I’m thinking of, you know, what — what — of the people who died, what would they be thinking? They think it makes sense for us to be in this kind of thing, where you ride down the street and someone has a sign saying “F so and so”? Or — it’s not who we are."

Go to minute 21 here:

Direct link: https://rumble.com/vocrfp-biden-laments-f-so-and-so-signs.html

Also here: https://youtu.be/1J40hYGOe54

Remarks by President Biden After Visiting with Firefighters and Their Families on the 20th Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks
SEPTEMBER 11, 2021
Shanksville Volunteer Fire Company
Shanksville, Pennsylvania
1:25 P.M. EDT

Q How do you get back to that state of unity that you were talking about and that President Bush was talking about, Mr. President?

THE PRESIDENT: By being honest when I make a mistake, by being straightforward, telling people exactly what I want to do, letting them know and — know that there’s nothing — no hiding the ball.

You know, if you take a look at the polling data, it is down — as my numbers have dropped — you’ve seen that my package is overwhelmingly popular. Overwhelmingly popular. And so that’s why you’re going to see — and I get it — a lot more direct attacks on me, not what I’m for. And that’s — I’m a big boy. I’ve been doing this a long time.

But I really think that, you know, so far, most people, understandably, thought I couldn’t get any of this done, I couldn’t get the first bill passed. We got it passed. It grew the economy, where, you know — where, you know, the 40 percent — anyway.

So I think it’s just a matter of showing — showing that what I’m saying, when it works, letting it — be clear how it works, and when it doesn’t work, say I’m going to change that.

But I think people are just looking for, I hope — we’ll find out — just some straight talk: what should be done, what you believe to be done.

And I’ve been doing this long enough. There’s, you know — again, I apologize. For somebody who’s covered me a long time, like you, you’ve heard me say some of this before, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I told you the story about when I won as a 29-year-old kid. Everybody said, “Well, what’s the secret? What’s the secret? Had to be some special secret. How the hell could I win?” (Laughs.) You know, straight up. I had to find something. And I said the secret is figuring out what’s worth losing over (inaudible). What are you willing to lose over? That’s your belief. If you can’t figure that one out, you shouldn’t run. You shouldn’t do it.

And so the things that I’m pushing, I believe. I believe. Now, I’m not — it doesn’t mean I’m — you know, everybody has to agree I’m right. I mean — but I’m just laying out what I think has to be done to bring this country back.

You’ve heard me say it a thousand times: This is the most unique country in the whole damn world. We’re an idea. It’s an idea. It’s not based on ethnicity. It’s not based on geography. It’s not based on religion. It’s not based — it’s an idea. It really is. “We hold these truths…” I mean, we never lived up to it, but we’ve never walked away from it, except the last — previous four years.

And so, you know, it would be inappropriate for me to tell you the number of serious Republicans in the past, and a few that are still around, who call me and tell me, “What can I do to help?” Because they get it too. They may not agree with everything I say, but this idea that, you know, “What do you want to do with Biden?” “I want to box him.” I mean — you know. I should be so lucky. You know what I mean?

But it is — the kinds of things — or, you know, the stuff that’s coming out of Florida, the stuff that’s coming out of — you know, “If Robert E. Lee had been in Afghanistan, we would have won.” Anyway, I’m telling you too much. But the point is, what I’m thinking about today is what these people who — and I’ve got a piece of — a small piece of one of the beams they have — they gave me last time — or not last time, but how many times ago — and the flag they gave me. And I’m thinking of, you know, what — what — of the people who died, what would they be thinking? They think it makes sense for us to be in this kind of thing, where you ride down the street and someone has a sign saying “F so and so”? Or — it’s not who we are.



"Biden responds to "F--- Joe Biden signs in Michigan"

On 10/27/21, HeadlineUSA.com reported: Out-of-Touch White House Oblivious to Growing Anti-Biden Movement

"Andrew Bates, a spokesperson from the White House, told The Washington Post that it was news to him.

“I had never heard of that chant until you explained it to me,” Bates said. “I guess I’m not spending enough time on 8chan or whatever,” he added, desperately trying to downplay the obvious popularity of the phrase."

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