"We All Have Mask Exemptions, But Masks Are Mandatory."


I've been across the country and since Spring of 2020 Walmart has always been very respectful and admirable about honoring medical mask exemptions. It's even outlined on their corporate website. I've actually spoken to many Walmart managers across the USA to thank them for this. But sometimes, their employees violate Walmart policy.

This video is from a Walmart recently in New Mexico. New Mexico tends to be nuts in this regard, mask-obsessed, so I had cam rolling as I walked in. The Walmart greeter says "Sir do you have a mask?"

Note I reply very politely & quietly "I have a medical exemption" & on cue, (it literally never fails 🤭) they reply "WHAT?!" Then I repeat it a 2nd time..."I have a medical exemption." She replies "Well WE ALL DO, but masks are mandatory." 🙄🤦🏼‍♂️(What in the world is that supposed to mean, "WE ALL DO"???! Bizarre.)

I then tell her the NM mask order itself includes that businesses must honor mask exemptions, and tell her to get a manager. She then says "I'm just doing my job," which is totally not true. I tell her that Walmart corporate policy very clearly states that Walmart honors mask exemptions. Then a manager named Adam came and was very nice & reasonable, and he acknowledged what I said & let me in. I suggested he educate this employee on Walmart policy because I don't accept being harassed every time I shop. 😒🙏🏻😇

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