Mel Gibson: "A very deep sickness afflicts the church"

Hollywood legend actor Mel Gibson released a 5-minute video on Friday September 10, 2021 in support of the 'Coalition for Canceled Priests,' ( ) who were holding a rally in Chicago with Fr. James Altman.

Gibson remarked that "a very deep sickness afflicts the church" and that it's "a grave injustice" and a "form of white martyrdom" when a priest is cancelled, which Gibson points out "is nothing new."

"Who's persecuting them? Well their own bishops," he said.

"If one of their priests utters something that resembles Orthodoxy, then they spring into action, reprimand him, bully him, and they do their best to cancel him. And succeed. They drum him out of the service, ya know. Off he goes. I'm really sorry about that. Its a grave injustice and a kind of white martyrdom."

Gibson noted that he is a sinful man, "I'm as venal as any other man," but that he can recognize the difference between a shepherd and a hireling.

Gibson noted that these bishops are "an insipid bunch" and asked "And my question is like, who's hiring them? I don't think it's Jesus. Is it Francis? Who's hiring Francis? Is it, is it pachamama? I mean I think you need to look at the whole institution."

He then goes on to discuss His Excellency Cardinal Vigano, Vatican II, and the Latin Mass, which he noted "can not be abrogated."

Gibson added "I remember when I directed the passion I went to the USCCB to get support for the film and those those men couldn't get away from me fast enough. And all but a few of them turned their back on me. It was pretty telling about who they were."

Gibson concluded that he will financially support the Coalition for Canceled Priests and that "The gates of hell will not prevail against" the church.

Watch the video here:

Gibson met earlier this year with Fr. James Altman and Fr. Dave Nix, a meeting which had not been widely publicized.

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  1. The RCC is an aberrant form of Christianity. Dr. Martin should have included it in Kingdom of the Cults.

    1. The name of the Catholic Church is the Catholic Church not the Roman Catholic Church (RCC). It was founded by Jesus Christ and will be around until the end of time, Dr. Martin or not. Christ cannot be an aberrant form of himself.

    2. Read End Time Delusions by Steve Wohlberg. . Find out what the RCC really is.

  2. Sigh. ^ This kind of comment makes me so tired. You have no idea what's going on.

    1. Vatican 2 was a FALSE council-a council to be rejected as such. All priests 'ordained' since 1968 are invalid due to V-2 as well as the false mass. Sedevacantism is the only truth if you want to be truly Catholic and follow all that was done prior to V-2.

  3. What our man "Mel" hasn't all gone through with the False Jews of Rev. 2:9, 3:9 and HEllywood's mafia, you'd think he'd be washed "in the Blood' of Rev.12:11 and NOT be hanging out with those who've been sprinkled at the "bird bath font unto fiat eternal life," compliments of Babylon of ch. 17. The pedophilia lawsuits that haven't even put a dent in the budgets of the "great whore," that amounts to what?....2 billion dollars by now, merely comes out to about two dollars per member of the most monumental cult that Babylon has perpetuated BUT!!....for Zionism. Only a couple of months and the protestant-LESS Christians and the Catholic "Christians" can again schmooze and trifle with "truth"....and fertility hooligan-ISM.


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