Bishop Jeffrey's 180 on Jab Exemptions

In compiling an updated list of Catholic religious exemptions for the covid-19 vaccine, (here

I referred to several modernist bishops / priests who had falsely declared that "there were no Catholic exemptions to the covid vaccine." Upon examination, I found this interesting about-face from the Bishop of Steubenville Ohio, Jeffrey Monforton. On August 27 he had issued a pretty nasty letter which stated outright in bold text that there was "NO RELIGIOUS VACCINE EXEMPTION." He added "There is no substance to a religious exemption," and directed his clergy "If you are approached by a member of the faithful requesting a religious exemption to the COVID-19 vaccine, politely and kindly decline the request."

However, he issued an updated letter on August 30, in which he wrote "I would like to make some clarifications so that further misunderstandings may be avoided."

This is a much more diplomatic & accurate letter referring to each person's right to conscience, & correcting his 8/27 letter. And he was apparently so embarrassed that even while he specifically refers to the 8/27 letter in his 8/30 letter, he has not linked to it & has even removed the 8/27 letter from his diocese website. However, I have attached the original 8/27 letter for you, as well as the 8/30 letter.

His 8/30 letter continues:

"Pope Francis has stated that receiving the vaccine is an act of charity. Furthermore, I too encourage everyone to consider being vaccinated. At the same time, The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has instructed that reception of vaccinations must be voluntary and cannot be mandated. People should not feel coerced to recieve a vaccination. To recieve or not recieve the vaccine entails a conscious, practical decision made by each individual, and our faith teaches us that an individuals well-formed conscience is inviolable."

He goes on to state that if a person's employer "truly requires confirmation from a cleric, you are to contact the Chancellor's office for direction on how to affirm that it is a religious principle that a person must abide by the decision of his or her own well-formed conscience. It is my hope that this letter will clarify some of the concerns that have been expressed to me."

I think Bishop Jeffrey was corrected by a very good and smart person whom understands the legalities, and that's why he went from "no exemptions" to 'religious principle states that our right to conscience is involiable.' I was very happy with his letter and since he cannot speak to your conscience, he was forced to concede that Catholics can not be denied a religious exemption, which you invoke yourself. Courts have affirmed this. Bishop Schneider's 2 page letter linked here even mentions the court cases.

Bishop Jeffrey's new version dated 8/30/21: 😇🙏🏻

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