Trump: "I am the father of the vaccine. It was a miracle, it saved tens of millions of lives. Pausing the J&J vaccine was stupid!"


This longer, 6-minute version of the same interview is a must-see.


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  1. Trump, because it's not a vaccine. Why don't you know that as you continue to push it? Have you listened to rea virologists and vaccine experts? No, you just believe that a vaccine is safe and viable when it's not been tested adequately - a few months vs 5 years? They need that time to test it for these horrible side effects - and all the people who are going to be permanently injured starting in a few months, and/or deaths.

    Stop boasting about it. It's a bioweapon - surely you know that by now? You may have severely injured our upcoming generation and there are so many miscarriages - will there BE a next generation? People were scammed, not something to be proud of.....maybe even mass genocide as the spike protein destroys their system - and spreads the virus for an extended period of time. Please stop relying on people who tell you what you want to hear - this will not go down well for you in the future. Start finding experts that your enemies don't recommend?

  2. Controlled opposition? Either willfully or by incompetence? -- normal patriotic citizens are actually in worse position now 4 years after Trump due to the Bolsheviks he allowed to steal the election and all the "mistakes" he made by bad appointments etc. -- I just can't believe he was so incompetent to appoint guys like Wray to head the FBI and the others? His stance on the "vaccines"/poisoning agents is lunacy.... Never liked him in NYC and then he suddenly "changed" -- did he? Could be the real "4D Chess" is how he was used to install what is now going to destroy the USA and push us all into the darkness of the NWO Great Reset Satanic Agenda....

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