Attorney Leigh Dundas Speaks At Orange County Board Meeting

Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas speaks at the Orange County, California Board of Supervisors meeting, April 2021. She addresses the covid19 vaccine, informed consent and many other topics in 3 minutes. Links to her social media and website are below.

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Here's a bit of very important history. In case you didn't know, Leigh Dundas is the reason that the Orange County, California mask order was repealed last year.

The best, and most classic speech against the mask order, was in OC when Dundas read the OC health officer Dr. Nichole Quick, MD's home address & boyfriends name, at the board of supervisors meeting. Then a bunch of people exercised their God-given 1st Amendment protected rights and protested outside her house. Dr. Quick quit the next day and the order was lifted. EPIC.

The 1-2 punch was at that same meeting, her sidekick Ms. Brown who sternly warned "WE'VE ALREADY USED OUR FIRST AMENDNENT, DON'T MAKE US USE THE 2ND!" 😅🤣😂😮😲

Law enforcement and media both claimed that threats were allegedly made against Quick, but that's not true. If it had been an actual threat then the person making the threat would have been immediately arrested, jailed and charged with making threats and probably with terrorism. But none of this occurred, because simply exercising free speech does not in any way constitute a threat.

Why these 2 women aren't famous worldwide is one of the greatest shames of this scamdemic, in my opinion. That is how highly I think of them both. Excuse my French but they have more balls than most of the men in this country.

Here is Dundas recent speech posted on instagram:


  1. Thank you Leigh Dundas! You are a true American! 🇺🇸

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  2. Wow! Just watched and heard the Orange County statement. Brilliant! I applaud you, Counselor. You are a true hero of the world's people. I speak from what I've witnessed in 80 years of life and nearly 50 years of clinical and non-clinical experience as a Naturopathic physician. The people must be protected from government and from the pharmafia which, accompanied by the military, Big Tech, and their mouthpiece the mainstream media, have created a medical dictatorship that has taken control of world society. Please see the book, NOT-TWO IS PEACE, for a description of how this all began and how to transform it peacefully. We must speak everybody-all-at-once, as one voice, over the Net. Blessings!

  3. I would love to get in touch with you Leigh! You are an inspiration

  4. Please please please!! Take on these big companies like Walmart. Take on the Administration and the CDC. How can they force people that choose to refrain from vaccination to continue to wear a mask? Isn't this a violation of the HIPPA ACT? By being forced to wear a mask you are revealing personal medical information to everyone. Being singled out for any status is illegal.
    You can't make people wear a scarlet A or a sign that says I have contagious medical condition. How is this legal? Since when do companies decide what constitutional laws apply to them & their employees and which do not? Since when do people sit back and say "well they are a private company, they can require whatever they want. Don't like it, leave." Since when do we allow any of this?

      This group on Telegram is sending Cease & Desist orders!!!!

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