'A Message To The World' by Dr. Anne McCloskey


This is VERY GOOD, Dr. Anne McCloskey sums up the entire scam-demic in 6 minutes. πŸ‘©‍⚕️🩺⚕πŸ₯ΌπŸš‘πŸ₯

And here's a new message from one of my absolute favorites, Dr. Carrie Madej:


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  1. It surprises me how this younger generation is putting up and going along with it. The generation of don't tell my kid no. but its okay for them to tell others how they should live. I refuse to wear a muzzle , There are so many business I will never step foot in again, that are making money off of this farce and treat people like they should be happy to be allowed in their stores. Do they not realize stores have turned the air off or very low to cause breathing problems ? Were they given guidelines how to help the government push the agenda or they don't open??

    1. Wow, and you have the nerve to call us sheeple, where are this doctors credentials? I have no problem with you having your own opinion of the Virus, but if you want me and millions of other people to take you seriously start by showing us the PROOF! It seems to me that with every anti mask article that is published and thrown on FB is just to relieve your conscious so you can walk around without one, this is pretty petty and in no way does it garner any respect from the readers. Please also be aware that the store owners OWN the business and it is THEIR right to pick and chose what will transpire in THEIR stores, so they are probably more than happy that you won't be darkening THEIR doorsteps. THEY have the right to protect THEMSELVES and THEIR staff, just as you have the right to shop elsewhere! Show us concrete facts supplied by reputable scientists if you want us to even consider your rationale surrounding this so called Bogus disease (Must be, hasn't killed anyone you people know)

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