Dr. Simone Gold on 'Experimental Biological Agent'

Dr. Simone Gold is a doctor and a lawyer, from Los Angeles. In this vid she tells 'the truth about the CV19 vaccine,' which she explains is an "EXPERIMENTAL BIOLOGICAL AGENT." 🩺👩‍⚕️⚕🏥💉🚑

I bought several copies of Dr. Gold's book 'I DO NOT CONSENT' last month. She is very good.

If you haven't seen this, it's a must see. One hour long, but goes by very fast. She is a very good public speaker.

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  1. I absolutely love this woman ! She is so brave ! We all need to be more like her.

  2. As for the COVID19 vaccine, I will not agree to take it.  No exception, unless it is made compulsory by the State and I have no alternative short of arrest. I have just heard from a friend whose brother had a major reaction whereby he now has difficulty breathing and is now on 30 days worth of steroids and rescue inhalers. He’s an endurance runner and has never had a respiratory issue.  He only got the vaccine so he and his wife could travel to Egypt and Spain.  He is so angry as his lungs may be permanently impaired.

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