Fr. Altier: Prepare Spiritually for Great Reset, 2nd wave & More COVID lockdowns

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Fr. Robert Altier gave this great homily on October 21 on the upcoming economic "great reset," covid isolation centers, and closure of churches in the 2nd wave. Fr. Altier recounts that a bishop in the U.S. recently recieved a letter from the governor of his state stating that because of the increase in covid-19 cases, he should close his churches until March 2021. The bishop refused, but Fr. Altier warns Catholics to prepare spiritually, say your rosary, do mental prayer and prepare for what is coming. The homily is only ten minutes, I highly recommend you listen to it.

Here is Fr. Altier's homily from yesterday, November 4, 2020, in which he addresses the election:(9 minutes)

On 9/23/20, Fr. Altier gave a must-hear homily on a world filled with lies. Listen below.

Partial text excerpt:

"We live in a world that is filled with lies. We live in a world where people don't even seem to want the truth. That's not what America traditionally has been. Unfortunately, that is kind of the norm around the world...

"God is truth. And we are made for truth. And so we have to look at that for ourselves. Because again we can look at the way that things operate in the world and we can say 'But - it's more prudent if I'm not honest.' No it's not. It's dishonest if you're not honest. Let's just be clear about it. We come up with all kinds of rationalizations as to why it's ok for us to do things that are wrong. But it's not. So we have to make the choice once again to go contrary to what is typical. To what has become 'the norm.' And are we willing to do that? To speak the truth. Even if it's not 'prudent.' Even if it's not 'politically correct. ' That's a challenge. But that's... there's a reason why God put it into a Commandment. As He knows our human weakness. He knows of course as Jesus told us Himself the devil is the father of lies. And so, if God is The Truth and the devil is the father of lies, once again we have a choice of who we're going to follow. The truth, or the lies?" πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡⛪

[MP3 here.]

Fr. Altier is pastor of The Church of St. Raphael in Crystal Minnesota.

His parish homily archives are here:

Fr. Altier had an outstanding, viral vid last month in which he opined "This Is Not Normal. So let's reject the lies, because the lies are from Satan." It's a must-see:

For this vid "coronavirus the truth revealed," which went super-viral, he was scolded publicly in a letter by his bishop.

There have been an increasing number of Catholic priests who have spoken out against the "scamdemic" lockdowns, mask mandates, covid vaccines, and the "phobiocracy". See our Catholic archives here.


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