Ammon Bundy: "I believe that I will offend God if I Wear A Mask"

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Ammon Bundy explains why he is against face masks: "I strongly believe that I am not to wear a mask, I believe that I will offend God if I do, because I believe that it is part of the deception that they are using to control the people and take away the agency of man..."


Ammon's full video is on facebook here, where he explains how the staff of Caldwell Idaho high school canceled his son's football game at halftime on Friday 10/2/20, after the local police refused to arrest Bundy for not wearing a mask outside while he watched the game. He and his family were not even let into the stadium, so they were trying to watch the game from outside the fence.

As usual it sounds like some serious lunacy going on on behalf of the fanatical, crazy, completely irrational pro-maskers.

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  1. Great! So if I'm against wearing a mask, I'm the same as a fake right wing intelligence asset provocateur.

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