Wal-Mart Deserves The Support Of All Anti-Maskers

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I just finished picking up some groceries at Walmart.

I just wanted to reiterate that I really think that Walmart corporation deserves really really a lot of credit, a lot of props, a lot of accolades, a lot of Kudos, whatever you want to call it, for absolutely respecting and being so lovely and so professional regarding the face mask exemptions.

You go in to Walmart, (I do have a medical exemption) and you tell them that and they absolutely honor it, respect it, they don't argue, they don't bicker, they don't demand proof or ask to see your medical records, they don't accuse, they don't accost or confront, not at all.

My wife and I in the course of our "essential business" travel all across the United States, and I have found the same great treatment at Walmarts everywhere, from New York, New Jersey to Texas to Florida to Washington State, to Missouri, Kentucky- you name it.

I know Walmart gets a lot of criticism, maybe some of it warranted, for being a greedy Mega Corporation etc. But I have to really hand to them with this mask issue.

They really take away the 'knot in your stomach,' they take away the expectation of potential conflict, division and stress that we all could experience everyday in our everyday lives doing the simplest things like going to the grocery store.

I felt so good after my grocery shopping today that I made a point to go tell the Ambassador at the door that I really appreciate their professionalism and kindness.

So I just think they really deserve a lot of credit. Because of all companies, they could probably get away with not doing this.

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