Sharon Stone On Covid Positive Sister: "One of you Non-Mask wearers did this."

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Actress Sharon Stone posted on Instagram blaming non-mask wearers for her sister's diagnosis with Covid-19.

"My sister Kelly, who already has lupus, now has COVID-19. This is her hospital room. One of you Non-Mask wearers did this. She does not have an immune system. The only place she was the pharmacy. There is no testing in her county unless you are symptomatic, & then it's a 5 day wait for results. Can YOU FACE THIS ROOM ALONE? Wear a mask! For yourself and others. Please. 💜"

The post has garnered 62,800 likes and 5,463 comments.

Kelly Stone herself posted a teary-eyed video from her hospital bed in which she pleads "I beg you to know that this is real. I’m gasping for every breath, with oxygen. Please do this for the people that you love. Stand behind more tests, more masks, demanding that everyone wear a mask. You never, ever, want to feel like this. I promise you, I only have love in my heart, and it is breaking for people that can’t breathe."

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Please listen with love

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A friend of Kelly's posted a picture of them together, noting "People mocked her for wearing a mask. Covid didn’t care."

In one post, Kelly Stone wrote "My heart broke when this crazy virus came. I was paralyzed with fear. I have missed the people that I love so much," to which one instagram commenter remarked "Fear is what gave you covid. Fear makes our immune systems weak."



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  1. With any luck, she was taking Hydroxychloroquine for her lupus. Sadly, if not, she will be prevented from being CURED by this wonderful drug thanks to the criminality of the FDA, etc.

  2. Non-mask wearers to Sharon Stone: Prove it.

    1. Prove it. PROVE THE TEST RESULTS while you're at it. I smell stinky shill

  3. Replies
    1. she should blame the doorknobs. light switches. or maybe she should do some G-damned research of the actual virus, what is going down in politics - the destruction of the usa right before our very eyes...CHILD TRAFFICKING IN HOLLYWOOD... Here’s the problem, we are testing people for any strain of a Coronavirus. Not specifically for COVID-19. There are no reliable tests for a specific COVID-19 virus. Aging soft porn star wants to be in the light again, maybe??

  4. If you are wearing a mask (or vaccinated) you should be golden.
    You are protected. What other people do, doesn't necessarily make any difference.

    So the problem is what?
    The masks (or vaccinations) don't work?
    They're only 50% effective and require everybody to get on board for 100% effectiveness?

  5. Non-mask wearer to Sharon Stone :

    (1) Maybe it is those hordes of pathogens you hide in your private parts that spilled over.

    (2) Why is it everyone of jeeish descent embrace the ruling class along with its propaganda, lies and plans against humanity ?. Are they that naive, or they are just trying to protect their comfort and standard of living through the status quo ?.

    (3) The test for Covid is like the test for HIV : as reliable as the word of a pathological liar.

    In the following 2 articles, there is a section explaining the 2 kind of "testing" for alleged Covid19 virus : RT-PCR (reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction) AND serologic blood tests, to test for antibodies,

    Long story short, both tests do not mean anything. They can declare people positive according to the whims of their propaganda needs

    It is very reminiscent of the HIV testing which also means nothing. A great documentary about that, is 'House of Numbers' (with the extra DVD tracks featuring many interviews).

    Nobel Prize in chemistry 'Kary Mullis', the discoverer of PCR conveniently dies in August 2019. He was never shy to scream "SCAM" when he saw one (HIV/AIDS, "global warming"...etc).


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