World renowned epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski: Masks Are "A sign of the willingness to comply. A modern version of the Gessler hat."

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World renowned epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski: Masks Are "A sign of the willingness to comply. A modern version of the Gessler hat."

You can Listen to the full interview here. The audio quality is not that great, so the transcript is here.

These are excerpts, about the doctor's credentials and his thoughts on wearing a mask. Basically the doctor explains that obeying the face mask order is only a sign of compliance:

Knut: I have been an epidemiologist for 35 years, serving in Germany, and then at the Rockefeller University.

Lee: Okay, and is there anything else you would like to add in your background there?

Knut: I worked with the Eberhard Karls University in Germany in Tübingen with one of the leading European epidemiologists Klaus Dietz. And then about 25 years ago, I moved to the United States and spent about 20 years at the Rockefeller University as the Head of Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research.

Lee: I’ve seen in news media the protests against lockdown and also Black Lives Matter, but to a much lesser extent I might add, being criticized as irresponsible because they will spread the virus. But according to what you’re saying, they would actually be helping us get past the virus quicker. And in doing so protect the vulnerable, correct?

Knut: No respiratory disease virus could spread in the open. So, if you are protesting on the street, there is no risk for virus…

Lee: Surely some of these people… Are you saying that masks are pointless? Because the whole narrative there is, we don’t want droplets and droplets can go up to 25 feet and that’s what’s infecting us at the main root.

Knut: Okay. Anthony Fauci said masks are there as a sign to show that we’re willing to do what he wants us to do. So, it’s a sign of the willingness to comply. It is a modern version of the Gessler hat. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with-

Lee: No, please explain.

Knut: William Tell was this national hero who did not want to bow in front of the governor’s Gessler’s hat that was put on a pole. And then he was arrested for that and had to shoot or split an apple sitting on his son’s head."

Wikipedia notes:

Albrecht Gessler, also known as Hermann,[1] was a legendary 14th-century Habsburg bailiff (German: Landvogt) at Altdorf, whose brutal rule led to the William Tell rebellion and the eventual independence of the Old Swiss Confederacy.

According to the Chronicon Helveticum by Aegidius Tschudi (1505–1572), in 1307 Gessler raised a pole in the market square of Altdorf, placed his hat atop it, and ordered all the townsfolk to bow before it. Tell, whose marksmanship and pride were legendary, publicly refused. Gessler's cruel wrath was tempered by his curiosity to test Tell's skill, so he gave Tell the option of either being executed or shooting an apple off his son's head in one try. Tell succeeded in splitting the apple with his arrow, saving his own life. When Gessler asked why he had readied two arrows, he lied and replied that it was out of habit. After being assured that he wouldn't be killed, Tell finally admitted that the second was intended for the tyrant if his son was harmed.

Gessler, enraged, had Tell arrested and taken by boat across Lake Lucerne to Küssnacht to spend the life he had saved in a dungeon. A sudden fierce storm made the crew terrified and, since William Tell was a better sailor, they handed the wheel to him but, instead of heading towards the dungeon, he escaped to shore. There he ambushed and killed Gessler with an arrow, launching the young Confederacy's rebellion against Austrian rule."


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