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This is a truly outrageous video. Three people were arrested in Cape Coral, Florida on 7/6/20 for not wearing a mask. They were attempting to attend a Cape Coral city council meeting where mandatory mask wearing was going to be voted on.

They were arrested upon entry. The cop claimed he arrested her for "resisting arrest." 😒👮 In the clip, the woman, who is black, is restrained in handcuffs being pulled around by the cop, screams to the camera "I AM BEING ARRESTED BECAUSE I REFUSE TO WEAR A MASK! IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! THIS IS WHERE WE ARE PEOPLE! THIS IS WHERE WE ARE." This is very intense, insane, horrible, abominable, absolutely satanic, and very sad and angering. Trust me, this fight has just begun.

Watch the videos below.

Ironically, in a letter dated July 1,  Police Chief David Newlan warned Cape Coral Mayor Joe Coviello that a mask mandate would  create 'precarious  situations' which  'could escalate' and that subsequent arrests would 'reflect negatively' on them, which is precisely what happened at the July 6 meeting.  The letter stated, in part, "The enforcement of the mandate would  potentially place our Police Department, as well as Code Compliance, in precarious situations at a time when our nation's expectations of law enforcement are being challenged. These potentially adverse encounters could escalate into arrest situations and reflect negatively on our positive relationship with our community." 

The agenda for the July 6 meeting ironically notes, "PLEDGE OF CIVILITY - We will be respectful of each other even when we disagree. We will direct all comments to the issues. We will avoid personal attacks."

After all this drama, the mask ordinance failed at Monday's meeting.

Here's another video of the incident.

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  1. Thank you for your great blog!! Definitely bookmarked. I'm really into this topic.

    Wearing a mask should not be FORCED on anyone! A lot of the mask rebellion stems from rebellion over being FORCED! We are a free people, this should never have been to begin with! Lovers of liberty bristle at mandates!

    As my AZ Rep. Andy Biggs said, "This kind of martial law was common in authoritarian nations, but, until the logical conclusions of the Fauci-Birx doctrine were implemented, it was unheard of in our free country."

  2. Wanted to add, those women are fantastic, felt a kinship with them, love them, they are fighting for all of us. Including the one who was following and speaking out. They all had really good things to say, got the message out.

  3. God Bless these three women for standing up for their and our rights!

  4. The fact that BLM has nothing to say about this just proves that they're all about the liberal agenda and don't care one lick about innocent black people being oppressed. What happened to these women is disgusting, regardless of race. I hope they sue the pants off that city.

  5. I hope plenty of people put some fear into that police department, I support taking matters into our own hands with these traitor scum police.


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