Ventura CA Health Officer Does 180 Degree 'Flip-Flop' On Masks, Vows To Obey CA Governor

After months of insisting that there is no medical evidence to warrant a facemask order in his county, Ventura CA Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin has done a 180 degree 'flip-flop' and now insists everyone wear masks to "keep us safe."

"I always follow all the governor's orders because that is the nature of the system, and I am happy to do that," Levin said Thursday June 18th.

Dr. Levin previously issued a PDF which included no less than 14 medical studies against the use of face masks. [See "Arguments Against Wearing A Face Mask" by Ventura County CA Health Officer

You can download the PDF here:

Levin is the same guy who garnered international criticism in March when he said that his contact tracers would be "removing people from their homes."

Here's a video of Dr. Levin a few months ago explaining why he won't issue a facemask order:

Yet here are the most recent tweets. Ventura also closed the beaches:

Note that The previous day, Ventura urged everyone not to touch their face.

A petition demands the resignation of Dr. Levin. It states, in part:

"Ventura County’s Public Health Officer, Dr. Robert Levin, has continued to act negligently during the COVID-19 shutdown, placing his allegiance to the Governor of California over the best interest of Ventura County residents. This includes:

- Unnecessarily shutting down businesses and delaying reopening despite Ventura County having one of the lowest number of cases and deaths from Covid in the state, causing irreparable devastation to the local economy. He has refused to present any adequate data to support his decisions.

- For the past 3 months, Levin has spoken AGAINST mandatory masks. On April 27th, 2020, well into the lockdown, he released a thorough report and statement against the efficacy of masks, citing FOURTEEN studies of the science in support of his claim.

Read his statements here: Robert Levin’s Case Against Requiring Face Masks

Up through June 18th, Ventura County has successfully kept their numbers of cases one of the lowest in the state WITHOUT the requirement of masks. Suddenly and immediately after California Governor Newsom announced that all Californians would be “required” to wear masks, through a GUIDANCE from the CDPH, and not any legal legislation, Levin flip flopped on all the science he had previously presented and chose for Ventura County to uphold the non-legally binding “Guidance”.

Levin made the following statement to the Ventura County Star regarding the June 18th non-legal order by Governor Newsom:

“I always follow all the governor’s orders because that is the nature of the system, and I am happy to do that,” Levin said Thursday (June 18th).

So, either

1. Dr. Levin was grossly negligent in denouncing required masking for three months, placing thousands of Ventura County residents at risk and is liable for those who were affected by the virus, or

2. He is placing politics and his allegiance to the Governor ahead of the science that he presented to the public, and the results of Ventura County’s ability to keep COVID death rates at one of the lowest in the state without masks.

- Creating a false panic within the community and spreading propaganda through media channels: Levin is now pushing a false narrative about a renewed health emergency in Ventura County by presenting only the rise in positive testing results without providing the crucial context that testing has increased significantly over the past month. Expanded testing has naturally resulted in more positive results, including those with antibodies and no symptoms, but in no way does that translate into new cases. He has skewed the narrative to fit the directive of Governor Newsom, conveniently leaving out that the rate of hospitalizations and deaths (the metrics that matter), are still one of the lowest in the state.

- One inadvertent consequence of the above mentioned actions is the discrimination of people with medical conditions that preclude them from being able to wear masks. Despite one small disclaimer in the “order”, the majority of businesses in Ventura County are refusing service to those who have a medical condition that makes them exempt from wearing a mask. Local businesses are openly ignoring the medical exemption, and violating ADA laws. In most reported cases, businesses are claiming that they “are being intimidated by the County to not allow service to anyone without a mask”, as well as “our other clients will ‘freak out’ because we have been told there is a spike in cases”. The disabled population has been shut out of obtaining services due to Levin’s lack of educating businesses about the need for protecting those with medical exemptions.

Dr. Robert Levin is not fulfilling his oath and duty to act in the best interest of Ventura County residents, and needs to be removed from this crucial position immediately."


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