Undercover Miami Cops Ticket Man For Not Wearing His Mask Properly

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An unbelievable video has been posted to social media in which two undercover cops in North Miami Florida issue a citation to a man for allegedly not wearing his face mask properly.

One of the cops, a slovenly looking pot-bellied guy wearing shorts and a bright blue t-shirt which ironically has the word "SERIOUSLY?" emblazoned on the front of it, assures the man that they are only doing what they're told, to enforce the mayor's orders.

The man at first refuses to sign the ticket but is told he will be arrested otherwise. The cops explain that the fee is $110 to which the man replies, "yeah, that's a lot of money!" The cop says he can dispute it with the court if he wishes.

When asked why they are in plain clothes, the cop uses the analogy that 'no one's gonna speed if there's a traffic cop around', thus justifying their covert operation.

The cop repeatedly explains that if someone is not wearing a mask properly, they may as well not be wearing it at all, and in the process of his explanation, he grabs the front of his mask with his hands, pulls it down under his nose, and continues to scold the citizen while violating the 6-foot 'social distance' rule.

As we've pointed out countless times in previous posts, any time someone touches their face mask, both their hands and the mask are completely contaminated, according to the CDC's own protocol. The mask must be appropriately discarded and the hands washed in a sink with soap and water.

But in this case, as is the case with Fauci, Newsom, and all of these control-freak hypocrite goons, the cop simply grabs the front of his mask again, smears it across his nose, and continues to contaminate the hapless unsuspecting public on the taxpayer's dime.

The ticketed man pleads that he was only literally talking on the phone to his mother, but to no avail.

Watch the video here:

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  1. I think they say the fine is $110, not $10.

  2. Yes, I also heard $110.

    Those government employees are despicable. You couldn't pay me enough to disgrace myself like that.


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