L.A. City Attorney Warns of Mask Enforcement Task Force

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The silly segment starts out with the female reporter claiming "Even though it's the law in California, some people are still refusing to wear masks in public. Right now, the police are not arresting people for failing to wear face coverings, but enforcement of some sort could be coming."

Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer told ABC7 "you could imagine a task force assembled, perhaps disaster workers other ambassadors in the city who are put on the streets together. You could imagine law enforcement joining occasionally in this effort. It is the case now that I hope we don't have to reach the point where we have to actually enforce through criminal sanctions."

What specifically is the statue or code number of "the LAW" which the ABC reporter refers to? Hint: There is none, because it's not a law, it's a 'guideline, ' published very clearly on the CA governor's website.

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