Footage Of Anti-Maskers At OC Board Meeting: MUST SEE

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Go to :56 seconds in the first video below.

Over 100 anti-mask citizens spoke at this very contentious board of supervisors meeting in Orange County, California on May 26. After the meeting, many people went to protest at County Health Officer Dr. Nichole Quick's home. She resigned the next day in shame, and her replacement rescinded the face mask order. This is a blueprint. It's important to note that nothing that was said by anyone at this meeting was a "threat" as falsely claimed, because NO ONE was arrested for threats. If someone had actually threatened a government official, the cops would have arrested and imprisoned them in two seconds.

FoxLA reports

"One speaker during Tuesday's board meeting, Nicole Monteilh Brown of Costa Mesa, said, "You have seen how the people have been forced to exercise their First Amendment. Be wise and do not force the residents of this county into feeling they have no other choice but to exercise their Second Amendment."

The comment concerned county officials as the reference to the Second Amendment right to bear arms was viewed as a threat."

This 3-minute compilation of speakers at the board meeting is classic.

This is a 16-minute compilation of anti-Maskers at the meeting, it's a must see.

After Nichole Quick resigned, the public DEMANDED that the face mask order be revoked, and the County complied, and rescinded it the very next day. What a great victory! Kudos to all of these people featured in these videos.

This video is 48:32 in length.
Orange County officials lift mask requirement

YouTube description: "Streamed live on Jun 11, 2020 Update: Days after his predecessor abruptly quit, Orange County’s new interim health officer said on June 12 that he will lift a requirement for residents to wear face coverings in public and instead recommend they do so to help reduce the spread of the coronavirus."

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