Video: Fauci repeatedly rubbing & touching his face, fingers and mask, violating all CDC Mask Guidelines

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More on President Trump's 5/15/20 COVID-19 vaccine press conference below, most notably Fauci repeatedly rubbing and touching his face, fingers and mask, all of which are in blatant violation of the so-called 'CDC Guidelines' which he constantly blathers about.

The CDC brochure How to Safely Wear and Take Off a Cloth Face Covering notes "USE THE FACE COVERING TO PROTECT OTHERS- Wash your hands before putting on your face covering; Don’t touch the face covering, and, if you do, clean your hands. [You can read more at the CDC website here.]

Here's the full version of Trump's COVID-19 vaccine press conference. First of all, the idiot who runs the official white house YouTube channel included an hour & 5 minutes of dead air on the video before the press conference starts, and nearly a half hour of dead air after the pretty brief "the military will be in charge of administering 300 million vaccines" press conference.

Here are some pics of Trump & California governor Gavin Newsom while we're at it:

The press conference starts at hour 1:05:37 in the video above.

At 1:16 idiot propagandist Fauci touches his mask numerous times, which is specifically against CDC guidelines. According to CDC brochures, which I have read, Fauci mask and hands are both now contaminated.

At 1:18 Trump says that we are involved in "other things other than vaccines," and says he "may talk about that in a little while."

At 1:19:53 Trump says "and you hear that outside that beautiful sound? Those are truckers who are with us all the way. They're protesting in favor of President Trump as opposed to against. There's hundreds of trucks out there, and that's the sign of love, not the sign of your typical protest. So I want to thank our great truckers, they like me and I like them, we're working on something together. And they'll be helping us with this by the way, speaking of truckers."

At 1:31 Fauci puts his fingers under his mask to rub his face then touches the outside of his mask repeatedly, again in violation of every CDC guideline concerning proper mask usage.


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