Ottawa Police Chief Promises Force; Working With U.S. FBI

I have made it a point to try to watch every Ottawa city news conference in its' entirety, as well as every police news conference surrounding the freedom Convoy in Ottawa. These meetings are very revealing. One thing that really stands out is how all of the police services board, as well as in the meetings with the city council, excetera - all of these bureaucrat politicians basically claim that 'everybody in Ottawa is scared for their lives, and they're not even able to step out of their homes.' Very melodramatic, very angst-ridden, very absurd and preposterous- and they always say 'we must end this, we must stop this, we must get all the funding and the federal government and the military to stop it, just stop it immediately,' etc. Yet they never once, none of them ever even once talk about the larger issue of why this is protest is happening, they never once mention the mandates, or the complaints of the actual protest itself.

Here is a roundup of the most relevant press conferences from Monday February 7th; this includes the city, the police department as well as videos from the freedom Convoy leadership.

At minute one in video below, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly says "We've also dismantled the encampment that was done at Federation Park. That was done through peaceful negotiation, but ultimately if the negotiation was unsuccessful we would have forcefully ended that encampment... over 500 tickets were issued. We'll go after the money, we'll go after the fuel ..."[Link].

Threats, ‘swatting’ calls tying up police resources as protest continues, officials say
Ottawa police Chief Peter Sloly and Deputy Chief Steve Bell say a person was arrested in Ohio Monday after being accused of threatening Ottawa police headquarters, one of many such calls that they say are taking up police resources.

This is the Ottawa City media briefing on 2/7/22. At Minute 16 Assistant chief Bell says an officer was "swarmed" and surrounded while doing a diesel fuel interdiction, and that a public safety unit had to be called in.

Related: Video: Ottawa Police Seize Fuel Containers from Convoy Truckers During Frostbite Warning

He then claims a cop car was "rammed" at a checkpoint and that an arrest was made. He then says that someone in United States made threats against Ottawa politicians and has been arrested and charged.

Ottawa Police Services Board meeting 2/5/22, Chief Sloly says that his department is working with numerous agencies including the FBI:(Meeting is 2 hours long.)

Extract of the Emergency debate on COVID-19 Protests - Canada

In this outrageous 3-minute video recorded 2/7/22, Trudeau once again characterizes the freedom convoy as "a few people waving swasticas."

In video below, Danny Bulford (former RCMP officer who now serves as liason for the freedom convoy) statement 2/7/22

Freedom Convoy Press Conference 02/07/22

Pat King 2/6/22

Council condemns demonstration and asks for additional support
February 7, 2022

At today’s special Council meeting, several motions were passed to deal with the ongoing demonstration in Ottawa. They included:

Calling on both the Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada to provide all necessary financial and logistical supports required to bring the protest to a peaceful end and allow the City of Ottawa to return to normal.

Condemning the racism, antisemitism and discrimination respectively experienced by the Black, Jewish, Muslim, racialized and members of the two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex (2SLGBTQI+) communities

Seeking increases to noise, idling, use and care of roads and open-air fire by-law set fines to $1,000.

Amending the existing idling by-law to allow idling in occupied vehicles only when the temperature outside is less than -15 C including the windchill within the protest area.

Holding daily media availabilities for the duration of the truck convoy demonstrations.

Seeking permission from the Province to recover demonstration-related policing costs from any persons deemed responsible for such costs..."

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  1. If they are bringing in the FBI, expect a big false flag to be blamed on the truckers in the next week or two. It will be used as pretext for calling in the army to violently shut down all public protesting.

  2. he needs to be arrested first with justine and other govt scum.

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  4. The police chief on one hand says he will punish unlawful behavior without explaining what that is. He clearly says he will use force if he doesn't get what he wants. He says that he will stop funding and seize fuel. What ever happened to peaceful protesting. Isn't this protected in the constitution and bill of rights. Again we are seeing over-reach.
    PM says he supports peaceful demonstrations of farmers in India but wants to crush it in Canada.
    Is Canada a democracy or is it a police state. Please explain


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