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"F--- Joe Biden" on White House Website

Image President Brandon mentioned the "F--- so and so" signs on his own accord on September 11, 2021 while rambling to reporters in Pennsylvania. He disappointedly lamented "that's not who we are." In case you missed it, the original full video is below and the transcript of his remarks is actually memorialized on the official White House website. The reporter asked Biden "How do you get back to that state of unity?" while he was visiting Firefighters in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and dementia-joe responded "...And I’m thinking of, you know, what — what — of the people who died, what would they be thinking? They think it makes sense for us to be in this kind of thing, where you ride down the street and someone has a sign saying “F so and so”? Or — it’s not who we are." Go to minute 21 here: Direct link: Also here: BRIEFING RO

New Travel Restrictions for Unvaxxed U.S. Citizens

Image Following my comments, below are excerpts & link to the official Brandon Administration edicts regarding international travel, published on 10/25/21. As of today, international air travelers into the U.S. (including citizens) were required by the airlines (at the behest of government) to show a negative covid test result within the past 3 days. To avoid these testing requirements, we have been doing a workaround that is a little more expensive and inconvenient, but was worth it. Since I refuse to ever be vaxxed or tested, our very successful work-around for international travel has been that instead of flying into the USA, we fly to the Cross Border Express pedestrian bridge in Tijuana, Mexico (it is only accessible to those arriving on an airplane flight). Since this is considered pedestrian travel, there are no vax or test requirements. We also drive and or walk across to Tijuana from San Ysidro regularly, and neither auto or pedestrian traffic into the USA o

Fauci: "If I were some diabolical evil spirit and I wanted to cast upon the world..."

Image On Sunday night October 3, 2021, social media exploded with a viral clip of Tony Fauci saying we should give up our individual rights. I wanted to find the entire clip, for context, and thought it was worth watching- so here it is. First, the short viral clip: That clip is from Fauci's 2021 virtual 'Beatty Lecture,' which aired on October 1st, 2021 at 2pm Eastern. Fauci was then interviewed by Nahlah Ayed, host of the CBC Radio One program IDEAS. You can watch the entire 1 hour 15 minute video below. Here are notable remarks and times: 7:09 Fauci start At minute 44, Fauci says "We have got to have global surveillance." Starting at minute 45, Fauci mentions the term 'diabolical' twice: 45 "in a somewhat paradoxical or diabolical way, the original Sars prepared us in a way to respond to this historic pandemic..." 47: "If I were some diabolical evil spirit an

Re: Religious Jab Exemptions

Image There seems to be many people confused about what a religious vax exemption is, and worried that if a religious leader or certain denomination is for the jab, that they won't "issue" the exemptions. That's a very common mistaken belief, even among Catholics, but it's not accurate. Here's how it works. No priest, no bishop, no pope or church has any authority to "issue you" a so-called religious exemption. According to the EEOC, a religious exemption is something that you invoke yourself, according to the dictates of your conscience. It's right on the EEOC website, here's the link: And actually, the EEOC says that you don't even have to be a member of any organized religion in order to invoke your religious exemption, so people should quit worrying about the church's "501c3" status or wh