Fight on Airplane Over Mask


  1. If they would quit with this mask forcing BS this wouldn't happen. For the life of me I can not understand WHY people think a f*****g mask is the holy grail. IF MORE PEOPLE WOULD STAND UP AND NOT COMPLY WITH THIS IRRATIONAL NONSENSE INSTEAD OF BOWING DOWN TO THE GOVERNMENT OVERLORDS THIS WOULD GO AWAY.

  2. All of the Canadian lamestream media are carrying this non-story. Of course they only tell half the story and make the guy in the face shield look like the assailant and the instigator. The loudmouthed drunken Karen behind him (whose mask was sideways or tucked under his chin, no flight crew whining about that!) wasn't even mentioned in the "news". From the video it appears that the drunken Karen and the flight crew were ganging up and assaulting the man with the face shield, the Karen was punching and hitting him. And the irony is that at least the guy was wearing something, and face shields are no more or less effective than masks.

    Lamestream media love these stories, they use them as pro-mask propaganda to vilify and dehumanize people who can't or won't wear a mask, and incite public hatred towards them. No mention is ever made of any medical exemptions, or if the victim claims an exemption the media writes them off as liars. These stories also incite more vigilante Karens to instigate violent confrontations with innocent people in public, because the Karen in these stories is always portrayed as a hero. In reality it's the Karens who are the bullies, assailants and instigators, and more often than not they throw the first punch or the first shove.

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  4. In a town about four miles away (near the east coast), I haven't worn a mask at most stores, and nobody has said anything. Last night, that changed. I went to this other grocery store that I hadn't been in for a while without a mask. Someone told me near the door that I needed one. I told them that they compromise my immune system. They relented. Then, about seven minutes later, someone near the back told me that I needed a mask. I told them that nobody else in this town has cared at all when I went in there without a mask. I don't think I am going back to that store for a while.


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