School District, Family Clash Over Mask Mandate

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Go to for our main index page, which contains a concise list of medical studies, testimony from medical experts, etc.

Notice how the school now claims that they said the girl with the medical condition doesn't have to wear a mask, but several witnesses who were present at the meeting affirm that the school said that she absolutely had to wear a mask.

The school is obviously lying and trying to backtrack now, because they know that discriminating against the girl because of her medical condition is illegal and can get them into trouble.

That's almost always the problem with these mask-fanatic control freaks. They love trying to tell others what to do. It has nothing to do with caring about others or protecting anyones' health or well being. It also has nothing to do with 'enforcing the law' because most of the time it's these mask enforcers who are violating the law by violating someone's rights.

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  1. These libtards need to get a life. If this muzzle is so effective then why are there more cases since they have implemented this bs?? I know more people now who have it than when it was at it's highest rate. This is exactly what they want to happen because they weren't getting enough positive cases to cry and blame Trump. I wish fauci would choke on his mask since he is the one that started this crap and fed the country lies.


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