Getting A Haircut Without A Mask In California

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Go to for our main index page, which contains a concise list of medical studies, testimony from medical experts, etc.

We all need a haircut now and then, but no one wants to have a conflict over a face mask.

It's a good idea to call ahead and speak with the establishment in which you want a haircut or related services.

After a call to introduce yourself you can send an email with the relevant information, since most businesses have no clue about this stuff.

Here is a a letter I sent to follow up the phone call:

Hello _________, this is _________, I spoke to you this morning (9/29/29 at 9:50am regarding my desire to get a haircut at your ________ location on _________ street in _________. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my concerns.

Below is the data I referred to, from the official State of California 'COVID-19 INDUSTRY GUIDANCE: Hair Salons and Barbershops' dated 7/29/20. They explain all about the face mask exemptions. Here is the url & an excerpt:

"Businesses that are open to the public should be cognizant of the exemptions to wearing face coverings in the CDPH Face Covering Guidance and may not exclude any member of the public for not wearing a face covering if that person is complying with the guidance. Businesses will need to develop policies for handling these exemptions among customers, clients, visitors, and workers.

Governor Newsom also clearly explains exemptions in the covid-19 'Guidance for face coverings' dated 6/18/20, here:

In addition to California law, the Americans with Disabilities Act is a federal law signed by George H.W. Bush in 1990 which forbids discrimination of people because of a disability or health condition. In their recent document 'FAQs: The ADA, Small Business and Face Masks,' the ADA states: "Businesses covered by the ADA must not discriminate based solely on a customer's disability. Businesses must also provide: Reasonable modifications to their policies and practices to ensure customers with disabilities can access their goods and services."

ADA continues, "when a person with a disability asks for a relatively simple modification, the individual is not required to provide any type of documentation. As a rule people with disabilities do not carry documentation of disability or a doctor's note."

You can acces the document here:

You can access much more additional info regarding ADA & facemasks here: ADA & COVID-19 State/Region Resources

Please get back to me as I would like to get a haircut today, thank you.    

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